CBD FX: Balm-

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Calming- Powerful Calming Balm designed to soothe discomforted and sensitive skin with a blend of lavender, chamomile and tea tree oil along with broad spectrum CBD.

Overnight Recovery- Moisturize and soothe dry skin with our Ultra Moisturizing Balm: Soothing Treatment. Active botanicals and essential oils work in concert with broad spectrum CBD to provide hydrating relief.

Muscle- Whether you’re sore from a workout or just suffering from general muscle aches and pains, CBDFX Muscle Balm: Deep Tissue Formula with 750mg of broad spectrum CBD, warming camphor oil, along with aromatic peppermint and wintergreen oils, delivers results.

Shea Butter: Combining the soothing and moisturizing effect of shea butter with the refreshing scent of tangerine, lemon and orange oil, this CBD balm nourishes and relaxes you from head to toe. Use this balm whenever you feel like treating your skin with the healing properties of a shea butter blended with organically grown hemp CBD oil.

THC Disclaimer

CBD oil can be derived from both hemp and marijuana. On the federal level, CBD derived from hemp is legal (if below .3% THC). Any products found on this website with any trace amounts of THC have below the amount of 0.3%.

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