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Strawberry Lemonade
You’d swear you were on vacation after hitting this bright and sunny Strawberry Lemonade CBD vape by Free the Leaf. It’s flavored by terpenes, the same compounds that create tantalizing tastes and smells when you squeeze a lemon or bite into a juicy strawberry. Merge that mouth-watering taste with the soothing power of CBD, and you’re refreshed and ready for anything.

Free the Leaf’s Blueberry CBD cartridge offers the jammy taste of blueberry derived from terpenes, the natural compounds that give fruits their aroma. Unwind with the stress-fighting power of CBD enveloped in a rich blueberry flavor that will bring back delicious summer memories.

Destress and decompress with this Tropical Mango CBD vape cartridge by Free the Leaf. Enjoy the fruit taste of terpenes, the compound that makes a real mango you’d pluck off a tree taste so good, along with the comforting effects of CBD. This is an ideal vape for any time of day.

THC Disclaimer

CBD oil can be derived from both hemp and marijuana. On the federal level, CBD derived from hemp is legal (if below .3% THC). Any products found on this website with any trace amounts of THC have below the amount of 0.3%.  

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